About Us

Blind Paws: About Us

Blind Paws was created to be a complete guide for pet parents as they navigate life with their blind friend. Whether your pet has been without sight for years or your dog or cat are beginning a transition towards blindness, Blind Paws will have information, advice, and product recommendations to help guide the way. We believe that blind animals can be empowered to live full and happy lives – just like any other pet!

The inspiration behind Blind Paws is Stevie, a Frenchie who lost her sight when she was just one from an infection. Her parents were not only first-time dog parents, but this was their first experience in caring for a blind dog. Stevie overcame many difficulties in her first year and her parents learned a lot along the way. She has done so well they sometimes forget she cannot see! Stevie’s parents wanted to create a way to share this information and first-hand experiences for other owners of blind pets. With a little guidance, our blind pets will be living and enjoying life to the fullest. Stevie will guide the way!