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tips for walking your blind dog
How to Walk Your Blind Dog

Wondering how to walk your blind dog? After Stevie healed from her eye surgery, we were eager to get Stevie back out on a walk. She loved them so much before her surgery and thought nothing would change afterwards, but we were in for a big surprise...

happy blind dogs
Can Blind Dogs Lead Happy Lives?

So often when people meet Stevie for the first time, they say, “oh how sad, poor girl” and feel sorry for her. We are quick to dispel these thoughts by letting them know how happy, joyful, and confident Stevie is.

reducing anxiety blind dog
Reducing Anxiety for Your Blind Dog

After Stevie's surgery, we were very concerned with her anxiety levels and how we could best manage them. These are some of the steps we took to ensure Stevie was as stress-free as possible.

snuffle mat review
Stimulating the Senses: A Review of the Snuffle Mat

The snuffle mat can come in many shapes and sizes but is typically made of fleece fabric and has fringe ties and pockets in which you can hide treats. For a blind dog, this is a great opportunity to get that nose working and spend some time stimulating their senses.