blind dog halo and harness

Best Halos and Harnesses for Blind Dogs

Whether your dog has always been blind or has recently lost their sight, there's no reason why they still can't go on their daily walks safely. With these halos and harnesses, they'll be walking all over town safely. For some of our tips on walking your blind dog, check out our article here.

blind harness
Reflective Blind Dog Harness

Let others know your dog is blind with this reflective harness. The entire chest strap is reflective and the harnesses entire trim is reflective for your dog’s safety. The handle on top let's you have extra control in all situations.

$29.99 at Amazon

blind dog harness
TrueLove Reflective Harness

An updated version of the same harness Stevie has! We love the reflective panels on the harness and the handle at the back for some extra control. This is a great blind dog harness!

$25.89 at Amazon

blind dog bandana
Blind Dog Bandana

We got this as a gift and its an easy way to let others know Stevie can't see, plus its really cute!

$12.99 at Amazon

dog halo
Guiding Halo Harness

With this harness you can slowly build up your pet’s confidence to allow them to navigate spaces without bumping their heads. The halo will bump into walls or furniture before your pet does.

$30.99 at Amazon

blind dog leash
Blind Dog Leash

Use this blind dog leash with your existing harness to let others know your dog has no or limited sight.

$19.99 at Amazon

blind dog collar
Blind Dog Collar

Use this blind dog collar to let others know your dog has no or limited sight.

$19.99 at Amazon

blind patch
Blind Patch for Collar or Leash

If you already have a harness your dog likes, this blind patch is an easy add on that will alert people meeting your blind pet for the first time.

$6.00 at Amazon