Without a doubt, absolutely, yes! So often when people meet Stevie for the first time, they say, “oh how sad, poor girl” and feel sorry for her. We are quick to dispel these thoughts by letting them know how happy, joyful, and confident Stevie is; in fact, if anything, she is quite spoiled ;)

Since animals’ other senses – hearing and smell – are much more in tune than in humans, the loss of sight is not as big of a set back as it would be for humans. Blind dogs can still do anything other dogs can do and live remarkable normal lives. Aniamls are so much more resilient than humans. If our blind pets are kept in a protected environment, they will thrive and lead a happy life.

What are some of the signs your dog may be losing their vision?

Are you concerned your dog or cat might be losing their sight? If you noticed any of the below changes in your pet, their eyesight might be compromised.

  • Your pet gets startled when you touch them
  • Bumping or tripping over things on the floor
  • Difficulty in finding you, toys, their bed, etc.
  • Low energy
  • Milky colored or red eyes
  • Age: older dogs simply might not be able to see as well as they once did

If you see these signs, please visit a veterinarian as soon as possible, in some cases treatments will be available for your pets’ condition. Common causes for blindness in animals are cataracts, glaucoma, infections, injury, etc. For the untreatable conditions, do not worry. Your pup’s other senses will kick into overdrive to make up for that lack of sight!