The snuffle mat can come in many shapes and sizes but is typically made of fleece fabric and has fringe ties and pockets in which you can hide treats. For a blind dog, this is a great opportunity to get that nose working and spend some time stimulating their senses.

We decided on this one from Amazon, but it would be very doable to make your own! Overall, we love this one, Stevie could easily spend half an hour or more working her nose to find those delicious, hidden treats. Being a Frenchie, some pockets are a little tight and her short snout cannot get into them, but we have learned which ones to avoid for her.

Stevie usually gets her snuffle mat about once or twice a week. When we give it to her we try our best to keep track of the treats she has eaten and once she has finished them all we will put the mat away; Stevie will keep searching for hours if we let her and we don’t want her to get discouraged doing something like this. We love having the snuffle mat to give Stevie a chance to stimulate her senses and have something fun to do. Stevie would highly recommend this to her other blind pals!

Snuffle Mat Toy